About Us

There’s a reason that Mediterranean dishes are revered around the world. Food from this region uses just a handful of fresh ingredients cleverly flavoured with herbs and spices, creating bold flavours that feed body and soul.

Tahina fuses flavours and ingredients from a range of global cuisines to reinvent the grab-and-go concept. Our carefully curated and plant-based menu offers convenience without compromising taste, health or authenticity. Our food draws on traditional flavours but the way we deliver it utilises exciting new technology.

The world is changing rapidly and we’ve crafted Tahina around these new ways of living. Our stores are tech-driven, using the latest developments in autonomous retail and AI to provide a seamless, simple and, above all, safe experience for our customers.

Climate change is also requiring us to review every element of our daily lives. We want to offer maximum benefit for customers but we also want minimum impact on the planet, so we’ve built sustainability into every element of Tahina. All our dishes are plant-based, cruelty-free and seasonal, and we support local suppliers where possible. Our stores have a closed loop recycling system for packaging, and we work with charities to distribute surplus food or turn it into green electricity.